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Our on-site ECG services are teletransmitted for fast interpretation to a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.

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The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that assists in determining the rhythm and pace of the heart. To fully understand how your pet’s heart is performing, your veterinarian may need to combine the results of an ECG with those from blood tests, x-rays, and even cardiac ultrasound. An ECG procedure only takes a few minutes and is both safe and non-invasive.

The heart receives electrical signals from the body, which encourage heartbeats to happen at a regular rhythm and tempo. An electrocardiograph device can identify and document electrical alterations brought on by heartbeat. Your pet’s heart rhythm and rate can be calculated using this data by your veterinarian. Electrocardiography is the process of employing the electrocardiograph machine to measure heart rate and rhythm, and the end product is an electrocardiogram (ECG).