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Pet Microchipping

Every third pet will go missing. Without collars and tags, numerous lost animals are discovered. When lost animals are brought to a shelter, they are checked for microchips and the information obtained allows their owners to be contacted. Every six minutes, a pet is found using the HomeAgain pet recovery service.

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Pet Microchipping

A microchip is a very small object that stores specific identifying data about a pet. It has a code that matches to the pet owner’s contact information and is about the size of a grain of rice. This makes it possible to immediately restore lost pets or cats to their proper homes.

Why should your pet have a microchip?

Over 10 million pets are reported missing each year, and one in three pets may go missing at some point in their lives, according to PetFinder. Any veterinarian or animal shelter can use a special microchip scanner to read your pet’s microchip in the event that it ever goes missing and is found, allowing them to quickly contact you.